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All Levels:

All levels of practioners welcome. Style depends on the background of the your teacher. Instructor will help you modify poses if needed.

Move and Meditate:

Align your mind, body, spirit in this practice of Hatha yoga and mindfulness meditation. Begin with gentle Level 1 Hatha yoga poses designed to prepare your body and mind for meditation instruction and practice in the second half of the class. Learn and practice progressive meditation techniques designed to encourage mindfulness in everyday life. No prior meditation experience necessary.

Level 1:

Engage systematic alignment and action to bring body into it’s optimal muscular, skeletal and energetic blueprint. Great for injury prevention or rehab.

Level 1-2:

Best for those with an established practice. Flow through poses + longer holds. Prerequisite: Able to kick up to handstand at the wall.

Level 2:

Flow through poses and explore greater complexity. Prerequisite: handstand at wall, 1 year of alignment based practice.

Happy Hour:

Perfect to invigorate and stretch. $10


Holding gentle, prop supported postures to bring deep relaxation and rejuvenation.

Deeksha Meditation:

Have an immediate experience of expanded awareness, a quieter mind, acceptance, love and joy. Relax and receive a gentle transfer of energy which shifts the brain into higher states of consciousness. May include yogic chanting and breathing meditation. All are welcome; no previous experience with meditation necessary.

Teens/All Levels:

For young adults, though all ages are welcome. No prior experience is required. A fun, playful, yet vigorous class. You will learn to push yourself and know when enough is enough. Get ready for a lot of energy and excitement to come your way!

Sound Bath:

Experience deep feelings of relaxation with the tones of crystal sound bowls. The sound bowls lead the body into a state of homeostasis assisting the body in self-generative healing.  One can experience a meditative state exploring deeper awareness of one’s being. $10


Balance and Flexibility for Men: Specific for the athletic Jackson male. Pre-register online. $120 –  $90 depending on length of series.

Intro to Yoga: Learn the basics in a systematic and sequential format. The best way to start yoga or come back from an injury. Learn great habits from the beginning. 8 week course. Pre-register online under New to Yoga tab. $99 includes free class card!

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