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Akasha Yoga Mission

Akasha Yoga

Akasha Yoga is 3 blocks away from the town square in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Housed in Jackson’s first schoolhouse, the large windows and mountain views give a spacious feeing and connection to nature. Akasha teachers are dedicated to the uplifting qualities that yoga imparts. Many of the teachers have dedicated much of their lives to yoga and are eager to share the beauty of the practices. We offer a variety of styles. Most teachers highlight alignment and heart oriented practices. We also have devotional and vigorous flow classes here. All ages and all abilities are welcome. Our class descriptions can help you find a class and teacher that works for you.

Our versatile and experienced staff is committed to your yoga experience. Welcome to a community based on healthy lifestyle, connection and growth!

Akasha is the Sanskrit word for space or ether. The most subtle of the 5 elements (earth, water, fire, air, space). Space is the playground for life. It is the field of potential where everything happens. From space anything can arise. In space, there is freedom to choose. In space we find connections, where we are more similar than distinct. In space we can hear the quiet voice of insight and inspiration. Yoga brings space into the body, mind and heart and from spaciousness there is an ability to abide, flow and dance with whatever comes your way in life.